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Hey girl.

Submit   It's Eric Whitacre.
Holy jeezus.


I just got back from singing at Carnegie Hall with Eric Whitacre. OH MY LORD. That was friggin amazing. I will never forget walking in and looking up, it just looks like the seats go up for miles. And the acoustics….god, they were to die for. The first note of With A Lily in Your Hand gave me chills every single time. AGHHH WHY CAN’T MY SCHOOL CHOIR SOUND THAT GOOD

You all sounded awesome, thanks for an amazing concert :) I can’t believe you guys pulled that together in two days.

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The concert was….


It wasn’t utterly face-meltingly astounding, but it was still amazing.

I may write a better review later when it is not approaching 2 a.m. but here are some brief thoughts for now.

Eric after every piece and during a few:

(Okay not exactly like that but there was a lot of hair-tossing going on.)

I had never heard Animal Crackers Vol. II so during the entire Animal Crackers bit I was like

The audience was cracking up (see what I did there?) as well. I’d recommend a listen!

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My prediction for the concert 18 hours from now:


I walk into Carnegie Hall and find my seat.

Eric Whitacre walks onto the stage:

Then there’s a lot of

And when the concert ends, I’m just going to be like

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